Where do you get your moulds from?

I hand make all of my tsurikawa moulds. My original heart mould was cast from a japanese plastic tsurikawa one of my best friends bought me a couple of years ago. It is the traditional shape, and dimensions. 

How long has the business been running?

FiveDimes officially became a brand in January 2020, with the launch of the website. Previous to this I had been selling FiveDimes products through instagram since September 2019.

How long does it take you to make a tsurikawa? Is it hard?

The process involved in making my tsurikawas is multi-step and laborious. One tsurikawa will take me 1-2 weeks to complete from start to finish if I rush them. All my tsurikawas are post cured in the sun for at least a couple of days to ensure maximum hardness. The process is not so much mentally difficult, but the physical process can be.

Do you do FiveDimes full time?

Currently I am in my last year of university, and I also work casually in retail (over christmas I work full time). FiveDimes has been a side project for me, however, I would like to make it my full time venture when I finish university.

Where are you based?

I am based in Queensland, Australia!

Can your tsurikawas be used practically, or on the back of a car?

NO! My pieces are made from resin and if you hang on them (particularly the hearts as they have the thinnest strap bar), they will snap. If dropped, they will smash and are not suited for the back of a car. I will be investing in my own plastic tsurikawas for a more practical version!

How long does a custom order take?

Custom orders can take up to 4 weeks or longer to be finished. I pour designs within a week of the order being placed, but depending on the weather, and time of year, the finishing process can take a couple of weeks before I am comfortable shipping them off.

Where do you get your products from?

All resin tsurikawas are made in house, carbon fibre tsurikawas are outsourced by JoJo Aero, diecut stickers are made in house, printed stickers are professionally printed, accessories are made in house, lanyards and keyrings are outsourced.

Why was my apparel order delivered separately to my other order?

FiveDimes apparel is currently dropshipped through a Melbourne based company, until we are able to branch out and screenprint/HTV/DTG our own apparel. This means your apparel orders are fulfilled and sent separately.


Please contact us through @fivedimes.co on instagram or fivedimes.co@gmail.com for any question that have not been answered here.