Sticker Application

1. Clean surface area where sticker is being placed. This can be done with rubbing alcohol, alcohol wipes, or soapy water.

2.Thorougly dry area with clean microfibre, ensuring there is no residue, fluff, or dirt left on the surface.

3. Ensure the transfer tape has picked up the diecut vinyl by firmly pressing on the sticker while the transfer tape is still on (in some climates you may require some heat to activate the glue, you can do this by rubbing your hands together with the sticker).

4. Place the sticker face down, and slowly peel back the backing paper. This should leave you with the diecut on the transfer tape. 

5. Anchor the centre of the diecut by pressing down in the middle, then work your way out with a squeegy, credit card, or fingers. This will ensure no bubbles are caught in the process.

6. Once diecut has been firmly rubbed onto desired surface, slowly peel back transfer tape to reveal design.


All vinyl has been road tested on's pink 180sx with great success. Most vinyl used is weather rated for up to 5 years. Please note: Pressure washing over stickers may cause lifting, and enable dirt to get trapped underneath. This will affect the longevity of the vinyl. Please avoid pressure washing stickers if possible.