About Us

A candid view of the creation of FiveDimes.co

Hello! I'm Cat, the director of FiveDimes.co.

FiveDimes all started a couple of years into ownership of my 180sx, when I decided I wanted to put my passion for my car, and my craftsmanship together. As a professional cosplayer for 7 years, my crafting experience and knowledge of silicone, resin, filler, etc was deep, and I used this build my idea around customizable tsurikawas. 

I had a tsurikawa in my car, which one of my best friends had bought me back from Japan in 2018. Over the next couple of months, my partner Casey and I talked about how we could make these cooler. Coloured varients already existed, but they were plastic, with bulky, unattractive straps. I did weeks of research to see if there were any products similar, and there was not one resin tsurikawa that existed. This is when I new there was a gap in the culture that could be filled. For months, I spent talking about ideas, researching products, thinking of how I could make this idea come to life, but being the person I am, I was too nervous to put anything into action. On the 20th of August 2019, Casey finally bullied me enough into going and getting my supplies to start putting my plan into action. That week, I saw May from DriftBunnyDecals post about the exact same thing. I immediately messaged her as I didn't want to step on any toes, and from that day forward we have created the most magic friendship.

Now, this is where the fun starts. I spent weeks and weeks learning how to pour, how to perfect my moulds, learning what the pigments did when I mixed them, experiencing huge fails, breaking things, sanding off my fingerprints and more. I thought at this point it was a lost cause and I wanted to stop. It was too hard. I was strongly encouraged to keep going by both May and Casey, and I finally got to the point where I had completed my first ever resin tsurikawa. I started to slowly post about these on my instagram page, where my following showed a little bit of interest in the production side of things. Over the next few weeks, more and more people were interested in them to the point where I had sold a couple to some supportive close friends.

Casey then said he would be happy to sell them at WTAC 2019 for me as I was unable to be there, and May also offered to have them at her DriftBunny stall. I had absolutely no idea that they would sell, and I definitely thought they would have all come home. Every single one of them sold and I couldn't believe it.

From then, I have worked to refine my work, expand my product range, and introduce some solid branding to finally legitimize the business. Little did I know the market for resin tsurikawas would blow up the way it did. 

I'm incredibly proud with how far the business and my creations have come, and I am so thankful for you all supporting FiveDimes.co. Thankyou for sticking around!